From the Armchair of the Eternal Chairman

Optimist at Large

People are complex. Voters are people.  Voters are complex.  But in order to appeal to voters aka complex and sometimes self-contradictory persons; a Candidate cannot be real, complex person.  Candidates are simplified (meme-ified?) versions of people that in theory represent portions of a large nation and at the very least a significant bloc of persons.  They are processed by taking pieces of their actual personality and beliefs and then those are filtered and disseminated through the media by their campaign manager in order to maximize their appeal and minimize their antagonistic qualities.  The appeal of any candidate for a national public office is going to be driven by two major factors: their physical appearance and their alignment on wedge issues.  Elections are games; the winners win, because they have manipulated the voting population and their candidacy to give themselves the best chance of winning.  On Election Day, the actual Principles (capital P) become irrelevant and only winning matters. .